Tech Training

on-on-one & group training

Chris has been teaching software and hardware for almost 20 years. In the past 10, his experience includes working at Apple, Mount Royal University, and the University of Calgary. Grab him for a low-key tech chat over coffee, and find out how demystifying he can be.


How can you make the most out of your Apple software and hardware? What’s in it for you? 

Each training session is carefully personalized and driven by your lifestyle or your business needs.

Chris offers training sessions at your home, office, or even online. He can help you make a video for your grand-kids, optimize Numbers for your small-business, or design your own, stunning Keynote presentations.


Gain the skills you need to design beautiful and complex (not complicated) documents, manipulate photographs, or create intriguing graphics using the Adobe Creative Suite (CS) of software. We can customize your learning based on your level of experience and particular interest, from the casual user to a creative professional looking to upgrade their technical skills.


Chris will help you customize the number of sessions and their content to meet your company’s needs. During the sessions, you will have the opportunity to practice through appropriately-tailored activities that are relevant to your business and use real life scenarios. We’ll have fun and learn at the same time so your team can increase its productivity and technical confidence.


We’ve designed a set of workshops based on our expertise and past teaching experiences. 

Currently, we are offering the following workshops: Graphic Design Fundamentals, InfoGraphics: Telling Compelling Stories with Your Data, PowerPoint Works!, Social Media Crash Course, and Typography Crash Course.

Our workshops can be customized to your specific needs and time constraints. Please contact us for a price quote.


iWork and iLife Certified.