Web & Interface Design

people + info + tech

Designing a website for your company, organization, or small business means combining technology and information in such a way that it becomes meaningful and accessible. When someone first encounters your website, they need to get a sense (and this happens very quickly) that the information they will find will be useful, usable, and reliable. Once that promise has been made, it needs to be fulfilled—by your visitors finding information or easily completing a task.


Visual Design

Web designers manipulate visual elements, such as layout, colour, graphics, and type, in ways that establish or reinforce a visual identity, connect with the “right” community, and help visitors meet their information needs.



Human beings love stories (Star Wars movies have combined to earn over $4.06 billion). Storytelling helps us connect to one another and to our own identities. At Two Hot Soups we work with our clients to discover their own authentic, meaningful stories. We then transform those stories into interactive pixels.


User-Friendly Web Design

Site architecture, menu design, and other navigation tools are created with the goal of helping users move around the site with ease—remove barriers to content and frustrations in completing tasks. Our work can increase active user participation and involvement, and convert users from visitors to clients.


Game Changer

We’ve been lucky to work with Dr. Jody Carrington for over a year. During this time, we’ve re-designed her logo and web site (www.drjodycarrington.com), created 100s of presentation slides, developed a newsletter campaign, and consulted on scores of other cool projects. Jody is a registered psychologist, an author, an international speaker, and an all around incredible soul.


We were fortunate enough to meet Jody at the perfect transitional moment, and help her strategize (and digitally embody) her growth as author and speaker. The story told through this design is based on introducing the world to Jody’s enormous heart and tremendous spirit.


Over the past year, we’ve increased site visits 10-fold.

In the past 3 months, we’ve helped Jody grow her newsletter subscriber list from 0 to over 600.