Our Process

how we work


Step 1: Getting on the Same Page

Every project begins with a meeting. We can meet you at your office, one of the great coffee shops yyc has to offer, or over Skype. We will ask you some questions so we can better understand you and your business. We will take notes, and may ask you for additional materials. Our goal is to define the constraints of the design problem. We use this information to write a project brief which will help us align on design goals. Once the project brief is approved, we can establish a formal partnership around your design project needs.


Step 2: Ideation & Refinement

At this stage, we begin exploring preliminary design concepts for your project, based on the direction you’ve given us and on our own discoveries and research. We brainstorm and sketch our little hearts out, exploring meaning, pushing visual boundaries, and innovating around look and feel options and stylistic treatments.


Step 3: Feedback and/or Testing

Once we’ve created concept alternatives, we will present and discuss them with you, collecting your reactions and input. We will go through three rounds of concept refinement, moving towards the final design.
We will user test or gather feedback, as needed, and according to a pre-negotiated frequency and schedule.


Step 4: Implementation

Once a final design has been approved, we design and implement it across all required deliverables, whether in print or digitally. We work with and supervise suppliers and their work so you don’t have to. Ongoing maintenance, especially in the case of web design, may be an aspect of the project, or can be determined under a separate agreement.


Step 5: Project Completion

Our process involves a project debriefing (exit interview) to review the process, project outcomes, strengths and weaknesses, and (if appropriate) additional opportunities. We will archive your project files for you, and ask you for feedback on our approach.


We’re all about relationships!

Our entire process is built around forming a relationship with you and your team. Our ideal scenario is for us to work together for many years to come.