Graphic & Info Design

We <3 Logos

TwoHotSoups loves designing logos. The logo is the key component of your corporate identity and brand. It is the avatar for you, your product, your business, your idea, or your organization. It must be unique, understandable, appropriate, memorable and, ideally, timeless. A logo is a unique graphical object. It can be a word mark made up of a name, a set of initials, a symbol, or an icon. It can be a combination of text and image.

A logo exists within a system. How it works in that system is established by guidelines which ensure consistency and the highest-possible quality in representation. When someone looks at your visual materials they know they are looking at something that represents your business.

We <3 Brand Development

We want to become your brand experts. Your brand should have longevity and reflect your core values and goals. Developing a brand starts with a deep understanding of your business or organization, what makes it unique and special, and where you’d like to see it in the future. We will help you develop a set of materials—colours, fonts, a logo, tagline or slogan, signage, marketing materials, promotional items, products, packaging, and website—that will create a consistent image of your business.

We <3 Information Design

Information design is like graphic design except we pay particular attention to how content is written and presented to communicate with clarity and effectiveness. We specialize in data visualization and infographics.

We <3 Layout and Document Design

We design brochures, newsletters, presentation slides, books and book covers—if you can imagine it, we can put it together, whether it’s a one-off or a connected series.