About Us

We are a proud-to-be-small graphic design agency, located in Calgary, Alberta. We established Two Hot Soups on a shared belief that good design is created from good relationships: between people and ideas, experiences, and each other. Perhaps that’s because design brought us together, and it’s been our passion for over two decades. We believe in connecting first, then making; and prefer creating things over selling them. Most of all, we are passionate about knowledge. We design because it allows us to never stop learning: from our clients, our projects, and from each other.

Our Culture

It’s not a secret—we’re close. So close, in fact, that we work and live together. Ours is a family business, and the chemistry really shows in our work. Because of this, we can be brutally honest with each other and still hug it out over a whiskey afterwards. Our clients become part of our design family—we’ll drive to another province to shake your hand, and work our butts off to see you succeed.

As a small agency focused on craftsmanship, we have to be experts in more than one area, but we are not jacks of all-trades. Milena is our web design, usability, and information design expert (she also has mad WordPress skills). Chris lives logo design. He’s also our in-house tech trainer (just a wee-bit partial to Apple, if we’re to be completely honest). When needed, we collaborate with a carefully-selected network of programmers, technical writers, and content specialists—people we trust in our home and with your livelihood.