About Us

We are proud-to-be-small graphic design studio, located in Calgary, Alberta.

We love what we do so much that we’ve spent the last twenty years doing it. Below are the detailed bios of our founders so that, when you contact us, you’ll know the face of the person you’re chatting with. When needed, we also collaborate with highly-skilled programmers, technical writers, and content specialists – people we trust to treat your project with the care it deserves.

Chris Shaddock, BFA

Founder One

This is Chris. He is our Founder One. Chris has over 15 years of experience in graphic design, and loves designing logos. He is the principle designer for Creative Elements Inc., and has worked as a graphic designer for Metro Graphics and UNICEF, as an art director for IMPACT Magazine, and as a book designer for Bayeux Art Publications.

Chris’ second passion is software training for individuals; for small and large groups; and for diverse audiences. He spent over five years as Trainer for Apple Inc., and now teaches and designs software courses for the Faculty of Continuing Education, at Mount Royal University. He particularly loves teaching Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, but is well versed in a wide-range of software. Chris has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Major in Media Arts from NSCAD University, and the majority completion of a Masters in Design from the University of Alberta.

    Milena Radzikowska, MDes, PhD

    Founder Two

    This is Milena. She is our Founder Two. Milena has 15 years experience in visual communication design, information design, interface design, and interface research. She is a graphic designer, a design and content strategist, and a story teller. She loves website design and interface research.

    In addition to her design work, Milena has 50+ publications on data visualization, aesthetics, interaction design, interaction theory, and design for large-text collections. She is the co-author of a book titled, Visual Interface Design for Digital Cultural Heritage: A Guide to Rich-Prospect Browsing, and has presented at design conferences both nationally and internationally. You can find some of her writings on Medium.


        Project Manager

        Nora is the heart of our little company. We run all our ideas by her first though, honestly, she usually approves. She loves cats, treats, and long walks, basically anywhere.

          Please feel free to email our founders directly, or use the form below.